Steel Fixer & Fitter Fabricator Testing Services

To attain the qualification and certification of professional Steel fixer and fabricator, the candidates must demonstrate their quality skills and competence through skill assessment programs designed to identify the candidate’s abilities covering all the units of a construction project including layout, prepare and assemble structural steel and steel vessels, containers and miscellaneous components. Their work includes assembling of steel structures in buildings, tunnels, bridges, roadways, etc.

H.R. Technical Trade Centre Pvt. Ltd. will award certifications to all the candidate’s who succeed in all the tasks related to the trade of steel fixing and fabricating. Assessments shall be centered on the core competencies, work backgrounds and experience of the candidates. All the tests are designed to assess the candidate’s ability to understand the complexities of the trade.

Why is skill assessment necessary?

Large construction projects and infrastructure programs continue to grow more complex with each passing year, making it compulsory for builders to hire only tried and tested workers to ensure the quality work of the projects. We have designed a career-oriented global platform for the training, testing and interview services to help candidates build, nurture, test and promote their skills as per our standard education policies. Due to the rising demand of steel fixers and fabricator in the industry, it becomes necessary to perform inspections to verify the quality of structural steel workers before they are hired in a huge project. This will help ensure that these workers are well-trained, certified, qualified, safe, and will perform efficiently on various stages of steel fixing according to the design specifications.

As a premier training, testing and interview services provider of technical skills, we are responsible for the quality analysis and certification of the skills because employers who require these types of workers are very sensitive in their recruitment process. It also ensures that the project is adhering to the current industry standards and client specifications and reducing potential project delays.

H.R. Technical Trade centre Pvt. Ltd. – a pioneering trade test centre for training, testing and interview services of technical skills.

To ensure the quality work of structural steel fabricators, ironworkers and metal fixers including their abilities with material traceability, welding operations, High-strength fastener installation, fit-ups, cutting, welding, beveling, fitting spacers and chairs, fixing the wooden formwork, fixing steel on concrete base, installing beams and pre-cast slabs, positioning and securing steel reinforcing rods, rebar fixing, joining cages and sections, spreading of steel mesh used in reinforce concrete of construction projects and dimensional accuracy through steel fabrication.

Their assessment program is based on their skills in mathematical computation, using hand and power tools to cut and bend metal bars or mesh, safety precautions, area measurement, ability to follow engineering instructions, plans and diagrams, and practical skills. We have specialists to provide value-added skill assessment services for quality assurance of skills associated with the fixing and fabricating of steel bars and mesh, no matter the type, size, or complexities of the project.

Our training and testing services will help you get the certification that is necessary to attain a professional Govt. license to find a job in a construction company or start your own business.

H.R. Technical Trade Centre Pvt. Ltd. will provide candidates a global platform to demonstrate their skills among foreign clients and employers and help them to secure jobs in multinational construction companies.